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The Op-Ed Project About Chat and Omegle

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My Projects About Chatting and Omegle

The Op-Ed Project — recently featured by the New York Times — is an initiative to target and train women experts across the nation to chat project their voices on the op-ed pages of major newspapers and other key forums of public discourse, which are currently overwhelmingly dominated by male voices. This is a cam chat project, designed to promote diversity on the op-ed pages and beyond. The premise of this project is not “women’s affirmative action” — in fact, it is not a “women” project at all: It’s an everyone project. The lack of diversity on the op-ed pages deprives the public of robust, democratic debate, especially important in this space, which is intended to showcase divergent opinions. See testimonials for more information, sign up for upcoming Op-Ed classes through the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, or contact Catherine Orenstein to schedule a seminar.

Best 4 chat sites to meet strangers – Most Common Ones!

Meeting with strangers online can be lots of fun, and it is a nice activity to entertain yourself when you cannot find anything to do. The following are best four chat sites to meet strangers.


Omegle is the very first thing that comes to mind in terms of online websites to chat with strangers. Since it is a very popular chat site, you can always find a person to talk to. Here is what you can expect from Omegle:

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  • Anonymity, as you do not have to open your camera or write your real name.
  • You can leave a conversation at any given moment if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Costless usage of all features.
  • You do not need to sign up.


TinyChat is another common chat site to meet strangers. It has different features for the best experience. Here what you can expect from TinyChat:

  • Creating your own chatrooms or entering to others’ chatrooms to chat about your interests.
  • Text messaging, video chat, or voice messaging.
  • You can download the TinyChat app on your phone as well.


Chatroulette is a commonly used chat site to talk with strangers. This website got very famous without advertising. Here is what you can expect from Chatroulette:

  • Leaving the conversation without any traces left behind.
  • Video chatting or texting
  • Reporting people who violated terms of use.


Fruzo is another popular website to meet with strangers. Unlike other ones, you can connect your Facebook profile if you want to. The following are the things you can expect from Fruzo:

  • Search filters to reach certain genders, ages, keywords, etc.
  • A mobile app you can download.
  • Uploading photographs to the website.
  • Video chatting and texting.